3 Web Design Predictions for 2023

The web design industry is an ever-changing landscape rife with shifting trends and innovations. Sometimes, you can predict those trends, while other times, it might seem impossible. However, when it comes to 2023’s design trends, there are a few things you can look out for.

Innovative Web Design Elements

Interaction is the key to a successful website. Innovations and interactive elements will abound in 2023, giving designers new tools for web design. Virtual and augmented reality, increased animations, and video backgrounds will all work to engage and interest your user.

Increased AI Use

Artificial Intelligence design tools have been a boon to the design industry. For example, AI art generators have given designers a tool that creates high-quality, unique graphics. In addition, machine learning tools help designers craft a site that predicts user needs to nail your SEO.


A new trend breaking onto the design scene involves content that shatters standard design rules. As a result, users will see a rise in bright colors, loud fonts, and disjointed layouts that draw the client’s eye without scaring them off.

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