Importance of Blogging for SEO

15 years ago, the word “Market” and “Marketing” had a completely different meaning from today. The world is changing every minute. Technology is climbing a step of progress every day. Technology is taking over the physical aspect of almost everything, including our markets. To keep up with the changing world, our market is also following in the footsteps of advancement. This is why the market is not limited to the physical stores today; instead, all the businesses are going online.

There are thousands of businesses both online and offline today. While there are businesses that understand the vital need to have a blog, some do not. One may avoid understanding the value of SEO blogs, but this will bring no benefit. To survive in this edge cutting market online, a business needs blogs that can attract a lot of traffic and develop a brand value for the business.

Here are some of the benefits to help you understand the importance of blogging for SEO.

1. Improved Visibility

When a person Googles a question, the answer is more than often in the form of a blog. If I wish to understand “the importance of blogging”, I will search the same on Google. To help me with the solution, Google will show me various blogs written on the topic. One blog out of them can be of your website. This is how blogs help in improving the visibility of a website. This will also help the business in building an authentic brand.

2. Fresh and updated content

When someone or something stays without any change or movement for a very long time, we consider it rotten or dead. When a website is not updated in years, Google draws similar assumptions too. Google may believe that the business is dead or closed. Or it would push the website far beyond the reachable pages on the search results.

In case a prospect reaches the website finds the same, they may draw similar conclusions too. An update of information in different sections of a website is mandatory to ensure the prospects know the business is still in the game.

To make sure your website is updated and fresh blogs are the best elements one can use. Changing home page content every couple of years is not ideal. This is where blogging comes into the act and steals the show.

3. Long-tail keyword placement

Long-tail keywords are keywords with four or more words. SEO is overcrowded but not saturated yet. To show up on the top results of Google search, a blog should have the right keywords. If you are a company selling designer bags, the keyword “Designer bags” will not be enough until you are a multi-dollar brand.

Long-tail keywords play a great role in enhancing the search results on Google. Use the keyword “Designer bags in affordable prices”, “Designer bags in West Palm Beach,” etc., instead of just using “designer bags”.

Integrated ITsays, sometimes fitting a long tail keyword in a blog can become clumsy. To mend that situation, make sure the topic is chosen appropriately.

4. Quality blogs promote backlinks

A business that wishes to grow through the help of blogging should always consider quality as a priority. Great quality content is pushed on the top pages by Google farther more than a mediocre blog. Several other websites also pick a great quality blog as a backlink. This way, other websites bring new audiences to your business and gain the profit of authenticity and quality for themselves. This also helps a business in gaining loyal customers and more traffic on the website.

Backlinking is a great way to increase the viewership on a blog. When a blog offers quality and information on a subject that is very rare to find, it makes the prospect stay. It also brings the prospect back again to convert into a client.

5. Increases engagement

This benefit is not assured. This directly depends on the kind of content you are publishing in your blogs. When a prospect randomly ends up reading one of your blogs, they assure your growth. There is a fair chance a prospect who read the blog must have liked it. If they did, they might share it on their social media handles. When their followers see them engaging with your blogs, they will be drawn to your website too.

When a chunk of people come to your website from a reliable source, they end up spending more time and interest on your website. This brings them to your website multiple times to engage with more of your blogs and products.

6. Helpful Information

Most business contemplates blogging because of a particular fear. They fear that information about tires, a hairdryer, a mechanical motor, a toothpaste, or whatever their product or service may be will be of no use to anyone. The fact is, someone out there is looking for information on the products and services you are offering. The only way to reach out to them is through blogging. Provide the needed information. Provide the facility of information to bond with your prospects. Integrated IT solutions believes this is one of the most authentic and organic ways of building a bond with the audience.

7. Helps in attracting quality and targeted client base

Right marketing attracts the right customers. Internet is filled with business. To attract customers, a business has to pay special attention to their blogs. Blogs are the best way for a business and a website to interact with its customers. When a blog is written with quality and for a specific audience base, the audience is attracted. This brings quality and target clients for the business.

For example, I own a hotel chain that has one of its hotels in Scottsdale. To gather more attention from guests, my blogs should target the whereabouts, local markets, lifestyle, local restaurants, attractions, and similar West Palm Beach topics. With this, the people with even the slightest interest in visiting Scottsdalewill know of the hotel and want to book it.

8. More time to spend

When a prospect visits a website, they are always looking for something interesting. Your products and services may be interesting enough, but hundreds of more businesses offer the same. But when you have interesting blogs on your website, a prospect will be forced to read them. The prospect will then read a few more blogs on your website. This will keep the prospect on your website for longer. The more time the prospect will spend on your website, the more they will be drawn towards your brand. This intern will give you the needed branding as well as clients.

9. More pages, more trust

Google always promotes websites that are trusted and authentic. To have authenticity, a website needs to have more and more content and content pages available. This does not mean overcrowding the websites. This implies creating more pages in the form of blogs to have an authentic identity in the records of Google.

10. Helps you in building a strategy for growth

It is essential to have a strategy to grow on Internet as a business and a website. Blogs are needed to first and execute the plan. This is one of the finest means of organic growth strategy implementation with social media or SEO.

With more blogs, a website will have more space to induce the website with many keywords. This will increase the chances of ranking high on the search results for the website. This thus helps in the strategy of growth.

Scott Cain

As Chief Marketing Officer, Scott oversees all digital marketing strategy and implementation.

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