The Top 5 Ways to Increase Your WordPress Site Speed

The free, open-source software WordPress is one of the most popular blogging publishing systems online. If you maintain a blog or webpage, the chances are good that it runs on WordPress architecture. Not all WordPress installations are created equal, however. Some pages can be much slower than others, to the detriment of your users. For every extra second your webpages take to load, you are losing out on clicks and revenue. Fortunately, with a few tweaks, WordPress optimization can help your site pick up speed, and visitors, clients and customers with it.   1. Hosting The first step to achieving a lightning-fast site is choosing the right host. Shared hosting, in which your site is one of many on a single web server,...

Avoid These 5 SEO Rookie Mistakes

Everyone is a beginner at everything at some point, and learning about SEO is no exception. Few people come into the world of listings placement with advanced knowledge of the subject, and as such, there is a learning curve involved. Fortunately, by applying yourself to acquiring skills and learning from mistakes, expertise in SEO can be gained fairly quickly. Here are some common rookie mistakes that we all can gain some wisdom from.

Link Building for SEO Requires Manual Labor

Most business owners have attended networking sessions where executives or professionals meet each other to learn how they can collaborate to benefit both businesses. Link building on a website relies on a similar approach. The process by which you can tie your website to others’ sites and vice versa is networking in the online world, and it’s great for SEO, if done properly. Let’s look at some reasons link building is worthwhile and a few tips for best practices.

Fresh Content Shouldn’t Be Faked

You’ve heard it time and again when learning ways to increase your website’s SEO: Fresh content equals higher rankings. However, you may have wondered if this was true and if so, how much of a boost would you expect to see. Researchers have experimented with content posting dates to see what the effects of more recent dates have had on SEO. Let’s take a look at some of their findings and what it can mean for your website traffic.

5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

As the attention given to traditional television advertising dwindles, the opportunities for businesses to make money online has increased. Each year, new innovations create ways for companies to get their marketing efforts in front of consumers, and 2016 will continue that trend. We’ve checked out some of the most intriguing options and gathered five interesting candidates that may help you boost your company’s bottom line.

Top 5 Local Search Ranking Factors and What They Mean

Business owners who are trying to expand their local reach might start to explore the realm of local SEO rankings. If you’re a member of this category, it’s much more beneficial for you to get started on the right foot from the beginning rather than go through a lengthy period of trial and error. Brush up on the top five local search engine factors and the meanings behind them.

top 5 seo tips for startups

Top 5 SEO Tips for Startups With a New Website

If yours is a startup company that has just launched a new website, you’ll want to do everything you can to give yourself and your business every advantage when it comes to drawing in new customers and boosting interest. As it seems to be with most aspects of business these days, search engine optimization has a sizeable influence on how well your business does when it comes to overall visibility. Learn a few SEO tips you can put to good use on your gleaming new website.

Why Every Small Business Should Use Local SEO

You have probably heard a lot about using SEO to drive traffic to a website. It is one of the best ways to naturally increase the number of visitors who land on your site each day. While you may know of a few different strategies, there is a chance that you have not started to use local SEO as a small business owner. If you are not targeting the people who live in the area where you run your business, you are likely missing out on sales. When you are not making enough sales, it may be difficult to stay afloat and keep the doors open.

Keys for Creating Shareworthy Content

Digital marketing is all about creating content that people will actually want to read from start to finish. This is important because most content is only skimmed through. It has actually been proven that humans on average have an attention span of about eight seconds. That means a piece of content has that small window of time to impress a reader. While luck does a play a factor, it’s also about skill and knowing the keys to writing highly engaging articles that will prompt readers to share and spread the word about the piece.

Don’t Fall For These Common SEO Myths

Search engine optimization has always been regarded as the foundational method for generating traffic for your website. While SEO has enormous potential for elevating your online presence, you have to be able to distinguish the right implementation from the wrong way. There’s a lot of information out there that’s either flat out false or was once true but has since changed due to modifications in the search engine algorithms. Some of these methods are not only wrong but may even get your site penalized or banned altogether.

How to Convince Webmasters That Their Website Needs a Makeover

Statistics are pretty grim when it comes to ecommerce sites. Most are lucky just to acquire daily traffic past the single digit range. The reasons most websites do not perform well is because they are not optimized. For website redesign services, they need to use data and numbers to show prospective clients why their site needs a drastic makeover if they hope to gain any momentum or edge over their competitors.

Sending files, re-imagined.

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How to Make Great Design and SEO Work Together

One common problem that professionals in the web design field often encounter is determining how to set up their sites to cater to different crowds. On one hand, there is a need to provide great SEO to rank well with various algorithms and search engines. On the other, there is a need to provide the ultimate user experience.

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