Facebook Is Dying A Slow Death & Here’s Why

Companies over the last few years have spent millions of dollars investing in developing their Facebook following. You see this anywhere from Super Bowl ads to print ads driving consumers to like them instead of to their website. And how does Facebook repay these businesses? Make them pay to reach their full audience. Facebook claims that the reason why businesses reach is declining is because there is more competition in the news feed from friends and family etc....

Hey Google, Shit Or Get Off The Pot

As an SEO, we follow the same “thought leaders”, everyone watches Moz’s Whiteboard Fridays, comments on their blogs to hear their own voice and get bragging rights in the industry. First, we love Moz - they are always the first to promote positive activities and openly slam bad tactics. I watched a Whiteboard Friday episode that Rand Fishkin put together on April 18, 2014 titled “6 Changes We Always Thought Google Would Make to SEO That They Haven’t Yet” and opened a sore subject with me… Anchor Text....

The Value Of Links & The Future Of Link Equity

Since did a Whiteboard Friday post on the value of links, there has been much discussion around this subject, so we decided to challenge links and all signals and come up with our own conclusion.

We analyzed many of the sites we manage as well as other sites and competitors. We went in with an open mind, hoping for a conclusion of course, but wanted to make sure we were open-minded.

Leader’s Know When To Stand Behind Their Team.

Stand Behind Your Staff

This blog post is not necessarily about SEO strategy, but rather how to stand behind your employees during tough times in a client relationship.

As a business owner your most valuable assets are your employees. Your employees are the blood flow of your business and as a business owner it is your responsibility to stand behind them during tough times.

Landing Page Optimization Services

Paid search is a low cost advertising platform that can be a huge source of leads, sales and new business. In a paid search campaign the landing page of the ad is often overlooked and can be hurting your bottom line. We put together a wireframe of an effective landing page to visualize how to implement these crucial elements.

How To Properly Launch Your Website Redesign For SEO

Going through a website redesign is a great investment for your business and hopefully it has been built in a way that will increase your on page SEO and assist in your rankings. That being said, many development companies overlook a crucial part of the site launch and the steps missed can be devastating to your website and lose traffic almost overnight. Below is a guide that we put together for migrating your development site to the live site and properly launching it so that little to no negative affects occur.

What Is A Quality Score?

What is a Quality Score?

A quality score is a relevancy metric determined by Google that shows how well your campaign is structured for each keyword phrases and dictates how much you will pay per click and where it is positioned by Google in the paid listings. A quality score can often be the difference maker in competitive industries.

A Beginner’s Guide To Guest Blogging

Step 1: Discover

Prior to any writing or posting, you need to understand discover the opportunities and communities. Guest blogging should never be your SEO strategy, it should be a small percentage of your ongoing efforts in that strategy. You first must find these opportunities online, use your industry knowledge and look where people are getting their news and information. A lot of times these resources are places that you commonly visit to get information. Another method to discover guest blogs is to search for “your term” guest blog in Google to find open blogs that are known for guest blogging. There are many different ways to find guest blogging opportunities for your industry, but you need to be careful and make sure that the site is well respected and your content will not appear to be spam in Google’s eyes.

Find Your Blog:
  • Google search “industry phrase” submit a guest post
  • Ask your community
  • Where do you get your news and resources?

Link Reclamation Process & Tools

What Is Link Reclamation?

Acquiring links through content marketing is not an easy task, it takes time, creative minds, and thoughtful implementation. Sometimes your company may have great brand mentions online, which is great for your brand. When those mentions pass link equity from the publishers site to yours; its a beautiful thing. When those mentions don’t have links to your site; now thats a shame.

Link reclamation is the process of discovering these brand mentions across the internet and acquiring links from the already published content

What Is Hummingbird & Why It’s Good For Search

What Is Hummingbird?

Google has titled this modification Hummingbird, claiming that it is “precise and fast”. Hummingbird was an algorithm modification that focuses on displaying proper results based on a more complex query the user makes. This more complex query stems from the use of mobile devices and voice activated technology such as Siri. When a user asks Siri “Where is a Mexian restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona?, Google’s

How To Clean Up Your Link Profile

Link Penalty Recovery

If your site has been penalized or see a negative impact on your rankings, you need to start the recovery process immediately.  If your rankings dropped on October 4th it was due to your link profile.  Below are several steps you need to take to recover from this mess.

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