Tips for Using Adwords To Save Money on Growing Your Startup’s Website

When growing a business, you can pour dollar after dollar into having the best and latest tools and features, including your website. However, an attractive domain is useless if no one can find it. Follow a few crucial tips for using Google Adwords to grow your startup without breaking the bank. How To Use Google Adwords the Right Way If used correctly, Google Ads can be a powerful tool for business growth. Select keywords that target customers with the best likelihood of conversion. Location targeting ensures you only reach the people you can serve. As you become more adept, refine your targets and focus on more specific keywords. Negative keywords are essential for your strategy. You don't want your ad to show up...

Tips to Increase Website Conversions

Out of all performance metric factors, website conversions are the most important. They indicate the usability, relevancy, and credibility of a website to target audiences. Businesses need to optimize their website to drive more conversions for a better return on investment. However, devising a step-by-step strategy capable of increasing conversions is easier said than done. Businesses may not find the right set of tactics that can deliver worthwhile results in some cases. This is the reason why; it is better to hire professional strategists and have them steadily increase the conversions with top-of-the-line strategies. #1. Define goals  Before embarking on a conversion rate optimization journey, it is essential to set goals and have them measured. These goals can be particular actions that...

Google Removes Sidebar Ads

Google has recently changed its search results to remove ads from the right hand sidebar. This has been a widely talked about change and will likely have an impact on ad campaigns moving forward. As the right sidebar ads have played a key function in PPC advertising, many are wondering how it will effect Google search results and what advertising strategies will be best moving forward. What Is the Change? Google previously displayed 1-3 ads at the top of each search query. The right sidebar would have ads 4-8, while the bottom displayed 9-11. Now, Google will generally have 3 ads at the beginning of the search results. For “highly commercial queries,” Google will likely have 4 ads at the top of...

How To Properly Optimize Your Landing Page

Importance Of A Properly Optimized Landing Page

Your landing pages for your ad campaign are extremely valuable. Since you are paying for traffic, each dollar you spend needs to generate revenue. If your page is not optimized for the ad, user and service, you can be missing out on lost revenue for you ad campaign.

What Is Retargeting & Why Should I Do It?

Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting campaigns are the best way to get a second chance and a first impression. When running a retargeting campaign, when a user leaves your site they will begin to see display advertisements on other sites that they visit that participate in ad networks. This method is highly effective, and inexpensive.

Paid Search Management

Paid Search Management in Phoenix, Arizona

Paid Search Is Not A Recommendation, But A Requirement Our paid search methodology focuses on one thing, cost per acquisition. We drive down cost per click and focus on intent driven phrases to bring the most qualified traffic to your site.

Landing Page Optimization Services

Paid search is a low cost advertising platform that can be a huge source of leads, sales and new business. In a paid search campaign the landing page of the ad is often overlooked and can be hurting your bottom line. We put together a wireframe of an effective landing page to visualize how to implement these crucial elements.

What Is A Quality Score?

What is a Quality Score?

A quality score is a relevancy metric determined by Google that shows how well your campaign is structured for each keyword phrases and dictates how much you will pay per click and where it is positioned by Google in the paid listings. A quality score can often be the difference maker in competitive industries.

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Does your business have a hard time getting review for Google?  We've learned over the years that using a QR code business card to give to customers is a great way for them to provide a review.  It takes away the hassle of searching and doing the work.  Just scan and it takes you directly to the review screen.
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We're thrilled to unveil our latest web design project.
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