How to choose the Right SEO Agency?

Transparency is vital

Your SEO Agency should address transparency as its core value. You need to layout a protocol from day zero.

After all, you don’t want to be disappointed after running a successful campaign but having no insights at the end of the month. Therefore, you need to proactively tell the SEO Agency to upkeep with analytics, tools, and all other parameters in place.

Moreover, this also means that you as a company should lend a helping hand to the agency if they face any issues. This will allow the agency to maintain a ‘can-do’ attitude. In addition to that, you should keep an eye on what’s happening on your website.

Checking each call to action every day is tedious, but you can certainly give periodic checks heed to. It is important that you connect with the agency every once and check for any shortcomings. This support will empower the collaboration to sustain.


Backlinks are brownie points

Your SEO Agency should be keen to generate backlinks from highly authoritative websites. To do that, you need to get the hang of how the Algorithm in Google (or any other search engine) works.

Backlinks can create a buzz. But what exactly is a backlink?

When other platforms refer to your content by placing the link to your website on theirs, then it is a good sign. This helps Google to trust your website more, and it will end up making your website even more reliable.

Moreover, to top it up, your website will rank up on Google, and you must have guessed it right by now. It will appear on the top search results with a better frequency.

However, the agency should be conscious enough of not adding links to your websites on spam sites. Else that will be a bummer! Remember, the golden rule is not to get more backlinks but the right ones.


Associate with a company that banks on logic

Here is a quick question, what would your answer be to an agency that assures you a top rank on Google or any other search engine within a week?

No, right?

Why would that be?

Your rational mind will immediately tell you that it’s no child’s play. The good news is that there is no rocket science either. It is doable. All you need is the right approach.

You get in touch with an SEO Agency and tell them what you are aiming for. They after aligning to your goals, skim through your website and do a detailed analysis.

In addition to that, they come up with facts and figures such as your website’s performance, your competitors’ data, and more. Post which, it is on you to call whether you want to move ahead with the agency to attain the desired objectives.


Time is Money

If you invest a huge amount of the company’s time into getting their website ranked top on Google, you would want the results. It is not just about the position, but what comes next matters.


Yes, you are right on point! Your website should get enough traffic that converts into your loyal audience and eventually generates revenue. The ranking is one thing; revenue is another.

If you observe closely, you will understand both are sides of the same coin. They should go hand in hand, and one should not overpower the other.

If you obsess on ranking and forget about the revenue, then certainly you are not going anywhere. However, if you dismiss the rank, then gradually, your credibility will be at stake.


Say ‘YES’ to a fair deal

Don’t get carried away if the agency quotes a dime. On a similar note, don’t be overwhelmed if they charge you a fortune. You don’t necessarily have to settle for any. Dig into the details to get a clearer picture.

The best bargain is to look at it as an investment and not an expenditure. Keep in mind, price and value are two different things. Your entire focus should be on what it brings to you in return and not on the amount debited from your bank balance.

However, at the same time, you should be alert to comprehend the situation you are ending up in. There is nothing wrong with taking a calculated risk as long as you are vigilant.


Attention is everything

Suppose your SEO Agency prioritizes your tasks so that you are never out of their attention span, then nothing like it. Always remember that it is a one to many relationships when it comes to your SEO agency.

One agency takes care of multiple companies’ ranking, which is obvious. The real art lies in how it juggles between them to give Integrated IT the right amount of time that it deserves.

Getting your website ranked on Google should be their non-negotiable target and not a sidekick. These terms and conditions are the prerequisites for seamless functioning. These should be set in stone before you get on to business.

Your contract has to be vocal about the fact that the agency will take due responsibility for keeping track of the audience across your website, at least until the contract stays valid.


Spectrum of Services

The wide spectrum of services that an SEO agency offers varies from company to company. There are some that stick to the basics of keyword analysis and generating backlinks across multiple platforms.

At the same time, some go out of their way to support the firm with email marketing, social media marketing, content curation, and much more. It all depends on your requirement and the conditions that both parties agree on.

It is advisable to start with the basics, and as and when the relationship builds, you can bring other tasks into play. This will allow you enough bandwidth to check how the agency works and the timeline it sticks to. It can be challenging initially, but slowly, things start falling into place once the collaboration gets its hang.


Documentation is the key

It is essential to understand why you need a reportage at all. If your Scottsdale SEO agency is proactive and sends you monthly reports, you can adhere to the fact that it follows good practice.

You need to the documentation religiously. It all boils down to what matters to you as a company. Is it rank, revenue, traffic, or conversions? You can take a call and see for yourself if the SEO agency can work on these deliverables.

Whatever it may be, you should record it in black and white for reference at any point in time, independent of the location you are operating from. You can even maintain a calendar to remind you of the dates when the report needs to be presented, and accordingly, you can update your archive.


Draw a line between the company’s and employee’s experience

Many companies tend to confuse the two. However, they stand way apart. Your firm should be concerned about the employee’s experience and not the company’s establishment date.

The company might be old while the employees might be new. Ultimately, the people’s experience and skill set will help your company’s website rank better. This is where the real agenda lies.

There are chances that the agency may be decades old, but the employees are inexperienced, and your understanding of this fact will make all the difference.

Considering the scenario these days, each day, new firms erupt and die. All you need is satisfactory outcomes and genuine employees, so keep your eye on that and leave the peripherals aside.


Involve experts

It is unambiguous to understand that you will not know the thick and thin of the SEO world, especially if your firm is new and has just stepped into business.

For such cases, you should not shy away from taking advice from experts in the field. They will only make your work easier.

If you have a friend in the law fraternity, then nothing like it. After all, you need to understand the in and out of the contract before signing it.

Do not take it as a set of formalities that need to be taken care of but be aware that there might be any hidden clauses or penalties. Being a new firm, you should never rule out the possibility of things going out of control.

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