9 Ecommerce SEO Tips to Increase Visitors to Your Online Store

Did you know SEO has the highest ROI of all the eCommerce marketing strategies? But many eCommerce marketers invest more time and energy with paid marketing and not SEO. That’s because SEO specialists struggle to build high-performing strategies. This ultimate guide on SEO strategies will help you achieve more results.

Ecommerce Keyword Research

Keyword research is the heart of any SEO strategy. Wrong keyword research results in a loss of time and effort. If you want to drive traffic to your website, keyword research is the most crucial step.How to use keyword research to boost your SEO?

  • Target keywords with moderate difficulty. This will increase your chance of ranking higher in Google’s SERPs
  • Target keywords with more traffic. A more significant number of users are exploring these keywords.
  • Factor in buyer intent before shortlisting keywords. Buyer intent means how far along a user is in their decision to buy.

Create more meaningful content

Avoid tiring out your consumers with promotional advertisements. Instead, introduce your brand and product to them through original and meaningful content. Data reveals consuming meaningful content made 68% of consumers feel more positive.

How to use content to boost your SEO?

  • Create content with the right keyword density. Google is smart and detects if keyword density is too much without the right context.
  • Content helps you to connect with consumers. Using more educational content, you can gain more traffic. Use long-tail keywords such as “best [insert your product here],” “how to use [your product]” to improve SERPs.
  • It helps you create more backlinks and increase the Domain Authority of your website.

Targeted Link Building

Proper high-quality link building is one of SEO’s integral strategies. It helps Google understand that your site is a credible resource for citation. But link building needs to follow white hat SEO practices and should involve no tricks.

How to use link building to boost your SEO?

  • Audit all your web pages and interlink them to signal Google that you are the master of your domain.
  • Use targeted anchor text to link pages as linking the wrong anchor text yields no results.
  • Link relevant pages from your site to high-quality, trusted websites. This will boost your rankings. Also, don’t miss out on removing questionable pages and sites.

Don’t Forget On-Page SEO.

Focusing On-Page SEO is the next step. Identify where to place the keywords. Using on-page SEO helps you appear in other Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

How to use on-page SEO to boost your rankings?

  • Use keywords in the URL, H1 title tag, Image alt text, meta title, and meta description beside the main content.
  • Create content with instant answers to users’ most searched queries. By doing this, Google will display your content in SERPs.
  • Add reviews and ratings to support your credibility. Search engines love user-generated content and help you rank higher in the SERPs.

Pay Attention to Mobile Optimization

As of 2020, 5.15 billion unique users are accessing your website and products via mobile. So, don’t go live without optimizing for mobile. Google prioritizes web performance on smart devices. It is an essential metric while analyzing a website’s search result ranking.

How to use mobile optimization to boost your SEO?

  • Make your website responsive. Consider all aspects such as navigation process, account setting, and also checkout process.
  • Get your design team to work responsive design for everything. If your designs do not look appealing on small screens, your bounce rate will increase.
  • Avoid common mobile optimization mistakes, including blocking JavaScript, CSS, or image files, etc.

Maximize website speed

Google considers site speed as one of the vital signals to rank pages if you are unaware yet. Slower web speeds let search engines crawl fewer pages. This harms your indexation. Your website loading time plays a huge part in ranking and visitor conversion.

How to use website speed to boost your SEO?

  • Check your page speed. Determine if your page speed is low and affects user experience.
  • Use tools such as Google Page Speed Insights to know your site’s speed. Use this data to understand your bounce rates.
  • Include XML sitemap to search console. It is a list of all your website’s URLs that act as a roadmap. Using this information, search engines know what content is available and how to reach it.

Boost Social Media Engagement

If you think social media does not impact SEO, then it’s time to rethink. The links you share on different social platforms increase brand exposure. You can also gain more organic traffic by boosting local search engine optimization.

How to use social media engagement to boost your SEO?

  • Optimize your social media profile with the correct information. This will help to rank in search results and gain traction.
  • Post quality content to gain loyal followers. In the long run, this will also build your brand community.
  • Links from social media posts help Google index your blog/posts. This will lead to more search traffic and improved rankings.

Create Attractive Videos

Google’s internal algorithm cares about video content, and it’s high time you do too. Search engines not only look for text while ranking your website. They also recognize other digital assets. By doing this, search engines analyze what you’re offering to the users.

How to use video content to boost your SEO?

  • The user’s attention span is low. So, create micro-videos that help users understand your product in a few seconds.
  • Publish video content on sites like YouTube, social media, or even on an OTT service or VOD platform. This will help you earn referral traffic to boost your rankings.
  • Add shoppable product videos on your online store. This will attract more visitors as it is more authentic and easier to shop.

Craft Magnetic Featured Snippets

Google considers Featured snippets are important. They appear as “Position #0” above the traditional #1 spot. With featured snippets, you can gain more clicks, which helps with Google’s ranking.

How to use featured snippets to boost your SEO?

  • Create content in the form of a Definition Box. Give searchers a direct, concise definition or description.
  • Include Tables as part of your content as Google pulls data in the form table.
  • Add Ordered List to present items in a specific order as Google tends to use Ordered Lists for queries.

Wrap up

Are you a business in Scottsdale looking to gain more monthly visitors, then start investing in eCommerce SEO today. A simple SEO campaign can result in thousands of extra sales. And it will not take you years to achieve, either.

Follow our guide to stay ahead of your competitors. Still, feeling overwhelmed? Reach out to us, and we will help you out!


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