Grow Your Small Business with Digital Marketing Trends

In a world full of an abundance of choices, consumers rarely choose a small business. They see it as a risky option or already have a trustworthy brand for their needs. With that being stand, the internet is full of inspiring stories of small-scale businesses who made it out big. One of the most crucial components of their success formula is digital marketing.

It denotes a set of tactics and strategies that helps to drive leads and transform them into customers. Due to the advent of modern technologies, this process is becoming more personalized and seamless.

In that sense, here is a round-up of some of the best digital marketing trends that


One digital marketing trend that has been in development for some time now is artificial intelligence. Several AI tools have recently arrived at the market that helps to process large quantities of data and turn them into actionable insights. Most importantly, AI compares data gathered across digital cyberspace and provides suggestions that are suitable for a particular brand and its marketing campaign. As a result, marketers can save lots of time and money that would have been wasted in a dead-end strategy. Ideally, artificial intelligence learns new things along the way and becomes more powerful.


In today’s conditions, free Wi-Fi is seen as an amenity rather than a useful perk. People expect to get free Wi-Fi in public places like airports, restrooms, and other social hotspots. Small businesses can this as a means to collect user information and produce relevant advertisements. It is more impactful than other targeted ads on Facebook, Google, or other platforms. Moreover, businesses can put their audience at the forefront of things in order to complete a conversion. When the right system is in place, it can also prove to be a powerful tracking method to analyze different demographics.


The Agile framework revolutionized the delivery of software products. Before Agile, businesses had to rely on a parallel development methodology that is slow and extensive. There were also a lot of problems involved in this method because the design team cannot incorporate different philosophies into a single unit. Agile marketing is scalable enough to adapt these principles and have them incorporated into marketing campaigns. The primary focus is to follow a high-value project that implements small actionable campaigns for the target audience. This practice results in high-focused marketing efforts capable of delivering better results.


Recent developments set the bar high for personalization. Customers value brands that take the effort to address their pain points and have them resolved. The personalization efforts further extend to cold leads who may want to engage with a business in the future. There are many produce personalized campaigns for target audiences. The most prominent method is focusing on mobile device users. They make up a significant portion of web traffic and have the best reach than desktop users. The key lies in ensuring personalization that resonates with all demographics of target audiences.

Social media marketing 

In any case, social media should be the critical component of any small business marketing campaign. These platforms provide the easiest and most cost-effective way to reach customers. The only real problem is the availability of different channels to reach users. Businesses are often unclear about where to invest their time and efforts. Hence, a comprehensive social media analysis is vital to find the ideal segment of the audience who are sure to engage with the campaign. Social media platforms are also effective to build a loyal consumer base who also acts as brand ambassadors with their reviews and testimonials.

Another biggest trend that should be followed is social media stories. Instead of individual posts, businesses can use them as a means to communicate core values or principles. They use stories for behind-the-scene footage to develop a closer relationship with the audience. Moreover, stories give them the opportunity to stand out.

Local ads 

Lastly, the true and tried digital marketing trend that works for small businesses is local ads. Google introduced Local Services to connect customers with regionally relevant brands. Businesses should create a Local Service profile by providing various contact details to allow consumers to reach their service. Moreover, they should prioritize getting positive reviews from existing clientele and use them as a tool to improve credibility. Reviews also help to strengthen search engine rank positions because more customers will reach a business that is trusted by many.

Scott Cain

As Chief Marketing Officer, Scott oversees all digital marketing strategy and implementation.

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