How To Integrate SEO Into Custom Web Design

For small and medium-sized businesses, effective web design can mean the difference between stagnant growth and major profits. Websites that are slow to load and difficult to navigate rank lower in Google search results, and that ranking ultimately ends up hurting a business’s bottom line. But a technically superior website will perform better when it comes to SEO, and here’s how.

SEO and Web Design Are Connected

When it concerns SEO, Google cares about the entire user experience, which is why the way a website is designed has an impact on search rankings. SEO isn’t just about content and keyword saturation.

Google’s algorithms are constantly updating to take into account how long each user spends on a website, how many visits to various pages in the directory, and more. A clean, modern website with a seamless design will help any business move up the SEO ranks.

Loading Speed and Mobile-Friendly Design Matter

Two elements that cannot be overlooked when creating or updating a website are loading speed and mobile-friendly design. Google places a high value on mobile-first web design because the majority of web traffic begins on mobile devices.

Not only do websites need to load beautifully on mobile devices, but they also must have minimal lag time. A web page that takes more than two seconds to load will see users moving on to their next best option.

An Effective Site Map Can Make a Difference

For new businesses, integrating an effective site map as part of an overall design strategy can make a difference in SEO rankings. This is because new websites rarely have enough external links that connect back to relevant pages. A site map can help Google’s systems crawl from one page to the next through clear links and connections.

Embracing Custom Web Design Gets Results

SEO rankings can be improved with masterful and effective web design. If you’re ready to embrace custom design elements that fit your business needs and improve your SEO, contact Integrated IT Solutions today.

Scott Cain

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