Is SEO Dying? We think it might be.

As Google continually refines its algorithms, old-fashioned methods of SEO will inevitably fall away. While the “death” of SEO may sound exaggerated, the changes underway in search will make SEO as we know it a thing of the past.

Why Is Traditional SEO Inadequate?

The localizing of search is one of the biggest factors making stodgy old keyword-stuffed SEO blasé, and a central part of that is Google’s Local Pack. This “pack” comprises the section at the top of a search results page that displays the three most popular local results for a user’s query, including their locations on the map. Assuming name, location and contact information is all the searcher needs, many users will feel they don’t have to scroll any further. The ever-increasing focus on local results makes localizing search engine optimization a necessity.

What Is Replacing SEO?

If traditional SEO won’t give your small business the visibility you need any more, what should you be doing instead? Basic strategies include completing your Google My Business Profile and embedding Google Maps on your site’s contact page. Making sure your company is listed in reputable local directories is another way to help Google see you as a trusted local business. While Google makes embedding Maps easy, you may need expert advice to maximize your business profile. Details matter when it comes to establishing both your relevance and reputation. Speaking of details, customer reviews play a role in boosting your local cred, so managing and responding to them is part of local SEO as well.

As a Scottsdale small business owner, you can’t afford not to adjust to the new age of search engine optimization. If you need expert help knowing where to start, contact Integrated IT Solutions.

Scott Cain

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