Mobile Device Use Continues Driving Web Design Trends

Business owners need to stay up-to-date with emerging web traffic trends. Traffic from people using mobile devices is continuing to account for a considerable share of most people’s online activity. Making mobile formatting a major web design priority will help companies maximize traffic and make a positive impression on their site’s visitors.

Screen Time

The time that people spend on their phones can average several hours a day. Naturally, web designers need to make sites accessible to people on the devices that they use most often.

Online Search Habits

When consumers are looking for a product or service, their first step may be consulting their phone’s search assistant or opening their phone’s web browser. Web design elements that maximize mobile site visibility and harness SEO strategies can effectively enhance a business’ online presence.


Websites need to be ready to receive visitors who access their site from links on their phones. Social media platforms and mobile apps are among the most common resources that people use for link sharing.

In order to optimize a site’s performance and visibility, a great mobile layout is a must. Reach out to Integrated IT Solutions for professional assistance with web design. Our team can help you create or redesign a mobile format that optimizes usability and performance.

Scott Cain

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