Tips to Increase Website Conversions

Out of all performance metric factors, website conversions are the most important. They indicate the usability, relevancy, and credibility of a website to target audiences. Businesses need to optimize their website to drive more conversions for a better return on investment. However, devising a step-by-step strategy capable of increasing conversions is easier said than done. Businesses may not find the right set of tactics that can deliver worthwhile results in some cases. This is the reason why; it is better to hire professional strategists and have them steadily increase the conversions with top-of-the-line strategies.

#1. Define goals 

Before embarking on a conversion rate optimization journey, it is essential to set goals and have them measured. These goals can be particular actions that would generate certain values for a brand. After defining goals, it is essential to assess them regularly and improve the efforts to ensure better results. Some of the common conversion objectives will include, page visits, click-on elements, custom conversions, and form submits. There are some online tools that enable marketers to create unique requirements and track the behavior of each user to direct optimization campaigns accordingly.

#2. Analyze data 

In most situations, conversion campaigns are assumptions that are not backed by any solid data. Marketers have to rely on the results to measure the performance of their campaigns and have them improved. But, constantly tracking data about visitors will provide valuable insights into users and their preferences. For instance, marketers need data on traffic and the sources. They also need abandonment rates for each web page, along with the bounce rate for forms. Information on average order values is also essential for designing an impactful campaign. All these data highlight information valuable to represent an ideal user.

#3. Competitor analysis 

One way of ensuring performing better than the competitors is a competitor analysis. Businesses get to scrutinize their strength and weakness by highlighting the strength and weaknesses of their competitors. Moreover, they can even analyze the way the potential customers will perform on the competition website. The data is essential to focus efforts and strategize the campaigns for better results.

#4. Conversion funnel 

To fix a broken conversion funnel, marketers need to understand the details of the user journey and find out where they hesitate or drop off from the website. There can be plausible explanations to find out about this factor and have them fixed properly. Marketers can use insights to track the conversion rates of each funnel. This even helps to identify specific stages of the journey where the customers are losing interest. Fixing them would decrease the dropping rates, resulting in boosted conversion rates. One of the effective ways to analyze this factor is by focusing on checkout rates. Studies reveal that an average of 69.23% of consumers abandons their carts. To avoid this problem, websites need to optimize their checkouts pages with simple layouts. This setup helps to retain the interest of users and prompts them to complete the conversions without any interruptions during the funnel.

#5. Value proposition 

The value proposition can be simply described as the reason why customers should buy from a particular company. Therefore, businesses should clearly communicate their unique selling points to their customers. They should also tell them why it is a good decision to buy a product or service from them. Value propositions can be defined in many forms like headlines, images, or website copies. Each of these content ideas communicates different reasons why customers should choose them instead of a competitor. By doing so, businesses can make sure to engage with their target audience and influence their conversions.

#6. Critical pages 

When a website isn’t showing any real improvements in conversion rates even after repeated efforts, then it is time to introduce some radical changes. Businesses can alter the design of their critical pages and introduce new layouts to impact conversions. They may even use the insights from visitors’ data to understand points that are blocking customers from finishing their conversions. Most high-converting websites use tools like eye tracking, mouse tracking, and click maps to understand user behavior. These tools will also provide insights on the journey of customers in completing the conversions. Through these data, businesses can surely boost their conversion rates.

#7. Foster reviews 

Customers don’t convert when they don’t trust. One way of improving trust among audiences is building reviews and testimonials. Websites enable businesses to share reviews from various sources to improve trust and confidence among visitors. Reports show that 58% of customers are more likely to convert after reading reviews.

Scott Cain

As Chief Marketing Officer, Scott oversees all digital marketing strategy and implementation.

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