Why Choose our Web Design Company in Scottsdale, AZ?

Importance of Web Design

1) Looks, Matter

What is the first thing people notice while visiting your site? Your FAQ section? No, right? It’s how attractive your site looks. Most people are attuned to judge your business in the first few seconds of looking at your site.

As a company, you only have those few precious seconds to grab their attention. The more time you keep your audience in your site, the more the chances for them to check out the services/products you offer.


2) Good Web Design Increases Credibility

A well-designed website signals trust to the visitors. If your site looks like it was last updated in 2010, people will, indeed, suspect it for a scam.

Assume that a visitor to your site wants to check out your business in person. He scrolls down your site, hoping to find a physical address. Voila! He finds out Google Maps integrated with your site and your business address marked. Now, chances are high for the person to visit you anytime soon.


3) Our Designs Are Optimized For Mobiles

Let’s accept it. It’s in 2020. People prefer handsets over desktops for day-to-day online searches. Nearly 85% of participants of research said that a company’s mobile website should be on par with its desktop website. Since Google had tweaked its algorithm to give preference to sites that look good on smartphone screens, it is wise to design your website mobile-ready.

The first thing you need to concentrate while designing a mobile-friendly site is its readability. If a searcher has to squint eyes to read the text on your mobile site, you must redesign it.

Second, comes the navigation; the buttons should be big enough for a user to tap it with one finger. Last but not least, your mobile site should function fluidly, Zero hiccups, period.


4) Brand Creation

Good design has consistency. When consistency is there on your site, your company is on the path of becoming a brand. There must be uniformity across your site in fonts, colour combinations, layouts, brand identity elements and the like.

Your Scottsdale web designer should know about colour psychology. There is a reason why most of the leading banks choose blue as their primary colour and top food companies choose red as their main colour. At the same time, blue instils trust among customers, red triggers appetite and hunger.

5) Makes Your Site Navigable


If your site is cluttered and unsorted, it is going to drive away your visitors as soon as they land on it. Keeping your website content organized and categorized makes a searcher’s job a lot easier. This way, the searcher will engage with your site.

The more time a searcher spends time on your site, the higher the chances for a conversion. You can have a lot of content on your site and still keep it clean and minimalistic. It all depends on your web designer’s conception.


6) Improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most people read web pages from left to the right. Therefore, it is advisable to place the most important details of the site in the upper left area.

A designer who recognizes the relationship between SEO and a good design will always use visible areas such as the upper left area for important details. Because it is going to improve the SEO as search engines like Google have to crawl your site to know what it is all about.

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Why Are We The Best In Website Designing In Scottsdale?


1) We Create Stunning Websites, Every Single Time

At Integrated IT Solutions, we don’t create jaw-dropping websites now and then. Rather, it is our habit to make stunning websites. All the websites we make are thoughtfully designed and elegantly put in place without compromising the functionality.

Our designing heads in Scottsdale, AZ have no time to tolerate cumbersome layout, cluttered menus, eyesore design or anything of that sort. Hence, they only recruit those who know the design language like the palm of their hands. With us, no two projects are the same.


2) We Listen To You

We may be the experts in web design in Scottsdale. But that does not mean that we will autocratically implement our ideas on your website. As a business owner, you might have inspirations for your website, and perhaps even references.

We respect your ambitions and will give utmost preference to your ideas. However, if your idea(s) does/do not contribute to the intended result, we won’t be beating around the bush. We will explain to you how your ideas are not in harmony with the desired result.


3) We Respect Deadlines

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines. As a company, before we start working on a project, we set a deadline that is achievable and acceptable. We fix a deadline upon careful consideration of the expectations and aspirations of a client.

We do not make unrealistic promises and always stand by our words. However, if a client wants us to incorporate a few changes to the site midway, we may need more time in achieving the expectations.


4) We Are Transparent 

We don’t just need your business, but we need you as well. We strive to create a relationship with our clients. We will not make false promises to make you sign up for our services. Once you are in, we will keep you posted on the progress of the site.

As a client, you will have the full liberty to ask us about the project status at regular intervals. In case if we are unable to create what you ask for, which is, an impossible phenomenon, we will not mince words.


5) We Create Personalized Strategies

We do not subscribe to the one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, we devise different strategies for different companies depending on their needs and aspirations.

A proven strategy for a client may turn into an utter failure for another client if we don’t tweak it as per the new needs.

To achieve an intended result, we brainstorm for the perfect set of strategies to be used for a project.


6) We Deliver Real Conversions, Real Results

From the success of the projects we did, we proudly say that we deliver real results. Our SEO friendly web design strategies helped a slew of companies increase their conversions by multiple folds. We achieve this by enhancing the user experience and engagement on a website.

We keep an eye on the developments of the industry and adopt the latest trends to stay relevant in the game. An example of our adaptability is our preference for mobile-friendly websites.

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Types of Website Design Services We Offer


1) Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce web design is a whole new ballgame. But we have mastered it. The e-commerce sites we have developed are robust, agile and customized.

Streamlined checkout, custom product pages, product filters, ERP integration, landing pages, BOGOs, promotional tools, sales funnels — you name it, we have it.

You can easily manage the content of your eCommerce site using the Content Management System (CMS). Adding/removing pages, products, blog posts will be a breeze using the CMS.


2) Responsive Web Design


We create websites that look equally good across all devices. The responsive websites we create intelligently adjust themselves for different screen sizes and viewports.

Resizing, enlarging and shrinking are all done automatically based on a device for the best viewing experience. Elements such as menus, text, images, layouts and video players automatically adjust themselves as per the visitor’s screen size and orientation.


3) CMS Development


Gone are the days where you need a dedicated team to update the information on your website frequently. With CMS in place, content authoring and publishing have become a lot easier.

Even users who are unfamiliar with the technicalities of content management can create a content-enriched website, thanks to the user-friendliness of the CMS apps we create. The CMS apps we create will be in harmony with your business goals for a seamless workflow.


4) Corporate Web Design

Every corporate website Integrated IT Solutions creates a primary goal: To tell the audience why your company matters for them. It is a place where we tell the audience your whole story. The website will always be audience-centric.

Our ultimate goal is to convert your company into a brand among your target audience. We can even arm up your corporate website with selected eCommerce capabilities to suit your needs.

You can easily incorporate features such as dealer locator and dealer dashboard into your website.

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