Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2021

The website is the first interaction point for many customers. They get introduced to a business and acquire the necessary information to engage further. This means that websites should stay up-to-date with their design and development. Presenting the most updated information is necessary to gain the trust of consumers. Developers should take advantage of the newest trends in web design to ensure such results. However, this is one of the challenging parts of web design projects and the most overlooked one.

Why a following web design trend is important? 

The most basic consideration of web design is keeping up-to-date with the latest trends. As a business, owners cannot afford to fall behind the competition. Studies show that customers will quit a website if the pages are slowing loading or difficult to navigate. It also affects their reputation among existing clientele. In short, it is crucial to keep up-to-date with the latest web design trends and integrate them as quickly as possible. For any business site, following these trends is necessary to avoid any major expenses in the long run. Ideally, they can also hire reputed agencies to handle these responsibilities and avoid any hassles.

What are the top web design trends for 2021? 

1. Videos 

A modern trend in marketing is using videos for communication. Businesses can integrate videos as a part of the promotional campaign to deliver crucial data. It is a versatile format that allows engagement with the audience in many different ways. Modern trends allow videos to be more interactive as possible. The technologies even allow for seamless creation and integration.

2. 3D illustrations 

Another trend that is gradually gaining traction is 3D illustrations. Due to cutting-edge technology, it is becoming difficult to delineate the difference between reality and virtual reality. Designers are exploring various 3D designs combined with images and objects. To get a more realistic feel, it is essential to focus on accurate intensity and shadow levels.

3. Organic shapes 

Geometric shapes are an indispensable part of web design. However, organic shapes are taking over the realm because they are much more fluid and natural. These shapes don’t include any straight lines or dimensions. The shapes are taken from naturally-occurring elements. As a result, they can be perfectly utilized in the background.

4. Dark mode 

By far, the most popular design trend of 2021 is dark mode. Offering low-contrast applications or webpage is deemed as an effective strategy. It helps the audience to browse through the applications in low-light environments. Most importantly, designers can bring focus to the specific content with a modern appearance.

5. Scrolling 

Infinite scrolling transformed the way users interact with the website. It is going to stand out in recent years because of the latest developments in scrolling animations. Aside from the conventional options, there are scroll telling, horizontal scrolling, and other options for designers. Integrating this element makes a website more engaging and accessible than others. As a result, users get a more satisfying and intuitive experience from a site.

6. Extremes 

Minimalism and maximalism are used extensively in web designs over the years. By definition, minimalism promotes a simplistic design to make a powerful impression on an audience base. It also helps to ensure an easy user experience. Comparatively, maximalist web designs prioritize creative expression. It gives designers the freedom to explore new principles and color schemes on a webpage.

7. Tone 

Low-saturated colors are comfortable to view at and they make for a pleasing experience. Some designers even use muted colors when they take a minimalistic approach. However, it is essential to stay natural with the color palette and stay focused on giving a more natural appearance.

8. Icons 

The most overlooked of all trends is icons. This exciting trend can improve the user experience significantly. Designers can even change the simplest interactions with well-designed icons. Moreover, utilizing optimized mouse scrolls and actions will also enrich the overall look and feel of the design.

9. Fonts 

There are countless font styles that designers can choose for their websites. Instead of reusing existing typography, they can refresh the style with new shades and element levels. Most importantly, designers should focus on the readability of the chosen typography. Failing to do so will affect the conversion rate.

10. Vector art 

The practice of adding exclusive graphics to a website is another trend that should be noticed. Vector art is the best possible solution to address the challenges in integrating graphical elements. However, designers should avoid sacrificing quality and loading speed for the vector art design integration in a website.

Scott Cain

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